MacPhersons Rant - The Scottish Musical set in Banff-shire

Welcome to MacPhersons Rant

Combining the best in Celtic roots music to create startling new versions of classic folk songs such as; Ye Jacobites, Twa Recruiting Sergeants, Ye Banks and Braes and The Roving Journeyman. The musical had its premiere in October 2009 in as part of Scotland's Homecoming Year. It is now available to Theatre companies for production.

The story takes place in Banff-shire in the late 17th Century and is set against the backdrop of the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland. It tells the story of James MacPherson who was hung in Banff for being a gypsy and who smashed his fiddle on the gallows tree as he sung MacPherson Lament a well known and much loved song.

"It was by a woman's treacherous hand, than I was condemned tae dee"

James's story is the stuff of legend. There are conflicting historical accounts of his life and death which allows for some poetic licence in the storytelling; however the details of his hanging are true and the song he sang on the gallows is still sung today. Essentially he was an "Egyptian" or gypsy and he roamed the country singing in towns and chasing women. In the musical he returns to Banff shire to meet his Father who is the Laird Duff of Braco. He had been conceived after his mother (a servant) and the Laird had an affair. However on the day he arrives in Banff he meets and falls in love with Bess Fraser and that is where our story begins.......